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Aluminum Clad Wood Entry Doors - Custom Modern EuroTechTM Door Collection

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Aluminum Clad Wood Doors

What is an Aluminum Shield?

No matter the quality of your wood door, the inherent nature of wood makes it susceptible to the elements. An aluminum shield (or aluminum cladding) is a metallic layer of protection on the exterior of a wood door that provides protection from the elements and makes any modern home entrance stand out. Our unique aluminum “shield” technology differs from typical aluminum cladding as our aluminum shield never actually touches the wood veneer directly, as doing so would interrupt vapor diffusion. The shield is what makes the door so weather resistant and low maintenance.

Why Aluminum Shield Door and Not Just a Wood Door?

Truly high-quality wooden doors, especially those equipped with our unique Euro Technology, are both gorgeous and weather-resistant — so go with the Aluminum Shield Front Door Collection? Well, beyond the superior weather resistance and low maintenance offered by our Aluminum Shield doors, our Aluminum Shield Collection offers a wide variety of new aesthetics that simply cannot be found elsewhere. The cool and sleek aluminum shield exterior beautifully contrasts the elegant and smooth wood interior, creating a modern entrance like no other. Put simply, it’s a gorgeous modern solution to a classic problem

How Does The Aluminum Shield Work?

Unlike the cladding on most aluminum clad doors, our aluminum shields never actually touch the wood veneer of the door. This allows for necessary vapor diffusion that typical aluminum clad doors interfere with. This exterior metallic layer guards the door from harsh weather conditions and, when combined with our unique Euro Technology, helps to form one of the most durable and secure front doors on the market.
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Pivot Aluminum Clad Door 5 feet wide
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