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Exterior Steel Frame Glass Door Construction

Glass Divided Lites

A "lite" denotes each individual framed glass unit within a window or door. Meanwhile, a "mullion" represents the separating line within a window or door, which can take on either a tangible or simulated form. In the case of True Divided Lites (TDL), the window glass consists of multiple separate pieces, each divided by mullions that penetrate through the glass.

Conversely, in Simulated Divided Lites (SDL), the glass remains a single, substantial piece, with mullions positioned atop it, though they do not penetrate or intersect with the glass itself.

True Divided Lites - TDL

True Divided Lites
  • Simple to upkeep and clean; in the event of damage to a piece of the unit, it can be conveniently repaired without impacting the other glass sections.
  • Offers enhanced structural integrity as it boasts additional supporting bars that provide stability to the window.
  • Delivers an upscale appearance with a width measuring 1-5/8 inches.

Simulated Divided Lites - SDL

Simulated Divided Lites
  • Provides the best value for your budget.
  • Offers a similar aesthetic as True Divided Lite construction (TDL).
  • Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) allow for narrower mullion widths, measuring at 3/4 inches.

Exterior Steel Door Profiles

Flat-to-Flat TDL

TDL Flat-to-Flat

Flat-to-Angled-Shape TDL

TDL Flat-to-Angled-Shape

Flat-to-T-Shape TDL

TDL Flat-to-T-Shape

Flat-to-Flat SDL

SDL Flat-to-Flat

Flat-to-Triangle SDL

SDL Flat-to-Triangle

Flat-to-T-Shape SDL

SDL Flat-to-T-Shape




We use Door Hardware with Euro Multipoint

  • We employ Euro Multipoint Door Hardware for our main entrance doors, utilizing the Euro Multipoint Lock as our standard.
  • Our preferred lock brand is GU - Secury Europa S R4.
  • Our standard configuration includes a 92 mm (3-5/8 inches) distance between the center of the keyhole and the center of the lever hole.

Multipoint Mechanism

Latch: Reversible for both left-hand (LH) and right-hand (RH) configurations. An alternative option for fire-rated doors is available upon request.

Follower: Ensures a snug fit for the square spindle of the lever handle, guaranteeing dependable locking functionality. An optional variant for fire-rated doors is also available.

Deadbolt: Comes in two options - a 2-turn deadbolt with a total throw of 20 mm or a 1-turn deadbolt with a 20 mm throw, depending on the locking system that is chosen.

Cylinder Hole: Accommodates either a round cylinder or a profile cylinder with a diameter of 22 mm.

Exterior Steel Door Corner Sample

FerroFinestra W75 TB

The FerroFinestra W75 TB system stands as Ottostumm's latest innovation. With its slender profiles and discernible tactile surface, the W75 TB system marks the pinnacle of technological advancement in our range of thermally insulated steel and glass systems. With a 75 mm profile depth, this system can house highly energy-efficient insulating glazing, reaching up to 52 mm in thickness. Thanks to its fiberglass-reinforced polyamide insulator, it offers exceptional thermal insulation properties, rendering it the perfect choice for projects in regions with energy-saving regulations and demanding climates.

Exterior Steel Door Corner Sample

FerroFinestra W50 TB

With the introduction of the FerroFinestra W50 TB thermal barrier system, OTTOSTUMM continues to uphold the authentic essence of window heritage. The groundbreaking high-density polyurethane isolator, serving as a thermal barrier, opens up the possibility of accommodating low emissivity glass panels of up to 37 mm in thickness. This capability ensures compliance with contemporary regulations and addresses the need for enhanced comfort, especially in challenging weather conditions where traditional solid steel profiles might fall short. To complement this range, we offer a diverse selection of exclusive fittings in various finishes, meticulously reproduced from designs of the modern era. With the FerroFinestra W50 TB system, you have the flexibility to choose between inward and outward openings to suit your specific requirements.