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in-Stock Entry Door • Modern Euro Technology, Modern Collection Single GD-EMD-711W

Modern Euro Collection Mahogany Wood Veneer Wood Front Door  - GD-EMD-711W
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Our wood entry doors feature exquisite designs with a diverse selection of options to choose from. Our unique doors are available in modern, classic, and transitional designs. While we are remarkably proud of the woodwork we do on our doors, be it through our high-quality wood selection, our detailed wood crafting, or our gorgeous wood finishing, we are also very proud of our large selection of glass options.

The majority of our in stock front door models come with some sort of glass option, and they are available in many shapes and styles. Some of our most popular glass options include clear glass, satinato glass, cathedral glass, and diamond glass. However, if you would like a glass option that we do not offer on our in stock doors, you are in luck! We offer countless glass options for any custom entry door your heart may desire. These glass options range in transparency and design, and we are certain we can help you find the perfect glass option for your wood exterior door.

We encourage you to browse our large collection of wood entry doors with glass. Front doors with glass offer many aesthetic and practical benefits to the front of your home, namely natural light. With so many options to choose from, we have created this page to help you view our many in stock models by their glass option. Also, if you desire a custom front door with glass, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. Our in stock collection is large, but the options you have when it comes to a custom front door with glass are endless. We even offer custom pivot doors with glass options. We are very experienced in working closely with our customers to deliver them the door of their dreams, and we are excited to bring your vision to life!

Doors with no glass option are perfect for homeowners that want to their doors to feature intricate, thoughtful designs that showcase the beauty of carefully crafted high quality wood. Additionally, many of our glassless doors feature unique design elements and additions that are sure to turn heads and leave your neighbors jealous. Browse our many collections to find the perfect glasses front door for your home.

Our Euro Collection entry doors are made in Europe and deliver superior performance due to the latest European technology and highest level of designs and quality for exterior doors.
Model Design External Dimensions (inches) Wood/Finish
GD-EMD-711W Single 43-1/2 x 98 x 4-9/16 Mahogany Wood Veneer with Espresso Finish

Also Available in Different Wood/Finish: Mahogany Wood Veneer with Walnut Finish Available in Options: 37-1/2 x 98 x 4-9/16

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Shown in Mahogany Wood Veneer with Espresso Finish

Wood Sample
Wood Door Glass and CloseUp
Close Up

Modern Euro Technology

The door sandwich design includes stiles and rails made from solid European wood, thermal insulation board - Styrodur C and layers of aluminum sheets and plywood in various wood veneers including Mahogany wood.

The door sandwich design includes stiles and rails made from solid European wood, thermal insulation board - layers of aluminum sheets and plywood in various wood veneers including Mahogany wood. This design provides excellent thermal performance and overall product durability.

• Available In Stock
• Latest European Technology
• Superior Performance
• Modern Style

GD-EMD-711 Exterior Door Model Collection
Our Model Collection EMD-711 is a staple of modern entry door design. Featuring a full wood panel design, the contrasting directions of the grains of the mahogany wood provides a powerful yet elegant entrance to any modern home. Available in a walnut and espresso finish, as well as various dimensions, our in stock models cover the vast majority of our clients modern wood exterior door needs. However, in the case that you require a different size or wood finish for your modern front door, we can easily manufacture a custom entry door just for you. Additionally, our in stock models are offered with beveled satinato glass panel sidelites, perfect for homes with wider entrances and those who desire more natural light to brighten their home. Furthermore, just like with any custom wood finish or door dimension options you would like, we can also create custom sidelites for your modern home. Whether you would like full wood sidelites, a different glass options, a different size, or any other design change, we at Glenview Doors can fill your request. And beyond just our sidelites, we have the capability to implement any and all design changes to the doors we offer in a custom order. You share your vision with us, and our design team will take the reins, building you the ideal custom front door for your home. Better yet, as with most of our Model Collections, the wood front doors in Model Collection EMD-711 are produced with our top-of-the-line Euro Technology. We construct our doors with a unique sandwich design: a thermal insulation board in the center surrounded by real wood stiles and rails and layers of aluminum sheets and mahogany wood. The result? A wood entry door that both looks and feels like a typical solid wood door but with dramatically better performance. Our doors have far better stability, durability, thermal efficiency, and weather resistance than any traditional solid wood door while functioning like a traditional solid wood door in every other sense. We encourage you to browse through our many collections, to find your better, stronger, dream front door.

GD-EMD-711W Mahogany-Espresso

Modern Euro Collection Mahogany Wood Veneer Wood Front Door  - GD-EMD-711W

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