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PIVOT DOORS - Modern Custom Front Entry Doors

Pivot Door Icon The Pivot Doors rotate on a Pivot hinge that has a set of pins mounted on the top and bottom of the door. The hinge is offset from the door frame. The technology and design of a Pivot hinge allow for large doors that generally cannot be supported by traditional hinges. Pivot hinges are ideal for doors that are at least 42” wide. Outside of practicality, the door with its imaginative Pivot hinge system has a contemporary and seamless look. We recommend this kind of door for anyone looking for a modern, contemporary and transitional aesthetic.

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Innovations In the Construction of Pivot Doors

Typically, a Pivot door has the disadvantage of not being airtight. Usually, there is a space between the door and the jamb even when it is closed due to the unique design. But our Pivot entry doors are manufactured in Europe, equipped with the best European craftsmanship that addresses this problem (see photo). This includes joints with double rabbeted designs in the Pivot slab and the Pivot jamb that provide a better seal for the door, restricting the lateral air flow (see photo). In addition, all Pivot doors come with multipoint locking systems that minimize air flow and prevents warping (see photo). These features make our Pivot entrance and front doors very efficient, safe and eliminate the risk of deformation despite the large designs. But to remove all doubt, we offer a warranty against the warping of Pivot doors up to 5 feet x 9 feet.

Our pivot doors can weather any conditions that mother nature may throw at them. Because they are outfitted with superior technology, the Glenview Doors Pivot Door collection has exceptional insulation and powerful anti-warping and anti-cracking properties. This means that our doors can withstand even the hottest of Florida summers, even the harshest of Colorado winters. The unpredictable weather of the east coast (New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, etc) is no match for our pivot door collection.

Countless Options For Pivot Doors

Pivot doors come in custom sizes and countless customization options including mahogany, oak, walnut, and many other powerful wood veneers. Sidelites can be added to both sides of the Pivot door. Finally, metal inserts are available in black accents and stainless steel, and plenty of glass designs are available to complement many architectural styles like transitional, contemporary, and modern designs.

Pivot Door Finish

All pivot doors are pre-finished with high-end, water-based European exterior products. The finishing process provides exceptional weather resistance. We ensure that the Pivot doors are masterfully finished.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Pivot Doors

What are the benefits of multipoint locks on our Pivot doors?

Multipoint locks serve the purpose of increasing insulation, increasing security, and reducing warping. As the name suggests, multipoint locks are implemented at several points instead of just one. While this provides multiple benefits, what is most important here is warping since Pivot doors are bigger and therefore more susceptible to deformation. The multiple locking points allow the door to be more anchored and greatly reduce warping compared to regular locks.

What are double rabbeted jambs and how do they make our Pivot doors better?

Pivot doors have some inherent flaws due to the way the hinge system works. They don’t have as much insulation because more space is needed around the frame for the door to open and close. While most companies do not have a fix for this, we have a double rabbeted jamb system that reduces the airflow on the side of the frame. It allows the gap between the slab and frame to the side of the frame to be smaller, improving insulation greatly.

How is a Pivot door different from a traditional door?

A Pivot door is different from traditional doors in one crucial way. The hinge is offset from the doorframe, which permits it to be larger than a door with a normal hinge. The hinge is set on the bottom and top of the frame using pins, and the door rotates around it. While the width of the entrance is only as wide as the distance between the hinge and the jamb, it has the illusion of being much bigger due to the side of the door that is on the other side of the hinge. Also, Pivot doors work very well in transitional, modern, and contemporary architectural styles because of their special hinge system that differentiates itself from the crowd. It contributes to the flow of sleek, contemporary homes.
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Pivot Door Construction


About Pivot Doors Video

Featured Project:

PIVOT ALUMINUM CLAD WOOD DOOR, 5' Wide - Featured Modern Front Project

At Glenview Doors, we go to great lengths to build our custom projects by the exact specifications of our customers. This featured custom door is an oversized wood pivot door covered with aluminum cladding on the exterior. This powerful modern door stands eight feet tall and an astonishing five feet wide. Achieving this impressive five foot width is quite the accomplishment, as it is a challenge that many companies fail to meet. On the outside, the exterior aluminum cladding protects the door from harsh weather conditions while maintaining its elegant design. This metallic layer of protection, when combined with our unique Euro Technology, creates a door with exceptional insulation and unprecedented thermal performance.

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We use Door Hardware with Multipoint Mechanism


Multipoint Lock Hardware has a variety of locking devices including Hooks, Roller, Roundbolts, Latch Bolts, Tongues, Shoobolts or a combination.


Our comprehensive range includes multi-point locks for timber, plastic or aluminium. Key-operated multi-point locks by KFV are locked by a double key turn. Two turns are also required for unlocking.

All Multipoint Lock benefits at a glance:

  • Smooth-running gear
  • Smooth latch lever operation
  • Adjustable DIN direction
  • Versions for Swiss round cylinder
  • Variety of backsets available
  • Various centre distances available
  • With optional soft-lock latch
  • Deadbolt of main lock case secured against sawing


Available Wood/Finish Options:

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany Wood, Earth Finish
Mahogany Wood, Walnut Finish
Mahogany Wood, Coffee Bean Finish
Mahogany Wood, Espresso Finish
Mahogany Wood, Dark Mahogany Finish
Mahogany Wood, Gun Metal Finish
Mahogany Wood, City Gray Finish
Mahogany Wood, White Matte Paint Finish
Mahogany Wood, Black Matte Paint Finish

Oak Wood

Oak Wood, Light Loft Finish
Oak Wood, Traditional Finish
Oak Wood, Earth Finish
Oak Wood, Walnut Finish
Oak Wood, Coffee Bean Finish
Oak Wood, Espresso Finish
Oak Wood, Gray Oak Finish
Door Corner Sample

Modern Euro Technology

The door sandwich design includes stiles and rails made from solid European wood, thermal insulation board and layers of aluminum sheets and plywood in various wood veneers including Mahogany wood.

This design provides excellent thermal performance and overall product durability.

Our Modern collection delicately balances form and fashion to create a truly sleek appealing front entry way. Encompassing oversized door systems, flush doors, and floating paneled structures, allow us to custom craft any and all Modern styles to meet today's market demands. Crisp, narrow lines, large, uninterrupted glazed openings, and precise horizontal and vertical alignments, make these doors key elements in modern construction today. Our ability to provide custom designed units, combined with rich, solid hardwoods at affordable prices is what makes our Modern collection stand out against the competition.