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Glenview Doors is excited to announce our new line of Aluminum Shield Doors


Sleek, modern, and durable, our Aluminum Shield doors will survive harsh weather conditions and look good at the same time. While our wood doors use the finest European technology and are very weather resistant in their own right, they are still bound by the limitations of wood. Due to its own nature, even the best wood doors will be susceptible to some kind of weather decay. If you would like to guarantee that your door will require no maintenance, then look no further than our Aluminum Shield front entry doors.

The best of both worlds, beautiful wood veneers, and high-quality aluminum

Aluminum Shield Doors are not just crude blocks of metal, but beautiful doors in their own right. They perfectly complement homes with a modern and contemporary architectural style, and they provide a sleek look to any front entrance. The masterfully forged aluminum truly rivals the natural beauty of a wood veneer.

Above and beyond the normal Aluminum Clad Front Entry Door

Unlike many other producers of aluminum clad doors, our Aluminum Shield front entry doors use science along with style to exceed performance expectations. For example, the Aluminum Shield never actually touches the wood veneer beneath unlike some more basic aluminum clad doors sold in the United States. If it were attached, it would lead to problems with vapor diffusion and the separation also helps with insulation. And behind the metal, our doors are still equipped with the beautiful wood veneers that we are known for. This fusion of classic and modern is really what makes the Aluminum Shield Doors such a special option.


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